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art | Melanated

A curated exploration and celebration of melanated artists from across the diaspora.

art | Melanated seeks to showcase, through a multitude of multi media platforms,  some of the most extraordinary Black visual artists, while creating a community of art enthusiasts eager to discover, collect and invest in Black art. Our goal is to expand the eco system of melanated art collectors, while creating new tables, and seats at those tables within the art community.

art | Melanated was created by husband and wife film makers Sol and Jennia Aponte and spawned from the idea of creating a feature length documentary on Black art. The couple quickly realized a vision far greater than a documentary film, and embarked on a journey to build a platform to serve as an intersection of art, culture and community.


"Artists are the vanguards of society, and we believe that empowering the next generation of thought provoking artists, is an investment in the advancement and preservation of our culture as a whole." - Sol Aponte.


We invite you to join our community.

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