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Each membership card is uniquely numbered from 1-555.

As a member, for a limited time, you are entitled to claim the corresponding digital version of your membership card.


We encourage members to take advantage of the digital membership as some rewards will only be available for those with a digital wallet.

Once you have created a digital wallet, provide us with your Etherium wallet address by clicking here.

Card Rarity (Based on Card Color)

Tanzanite   -      1/555

Blue Diamond   -    11/555

Ruby   -    22/555

Emerald   -    22/555

Black Opal   -    55/555

Gold   -  444/555


After we have your wallet address, you will automatically be in cue to receive your FREE Starseeds avatar.

The Starseeds is a story about a group of Intergalactic Time Travelers as they journey throughout time and space on a mission to awaken the “Little Blue Dot.” Stay tuned for more.

Release Date: March 2023

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