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(Documentary Teaser)

After centuries of redlining Black voices from the art world, two new collectors are determined to shine a light on the authentic and unapologetic work of emerging artists of color.

Produced and Directed by Sol Aponte & Jennia Fredrique Aponte

a Full Frequency Media Production

Coming Summer 2023


Be a part of the community that helps get this film made!


We are creating a feature length documentary that  celebrates artists of color while capturing an important time period in our  history. Help us get to the finish line!


We invite you to join us on the journey as we bring this film to screens, cities, galleries and museums around the world!


Supporters of the film will receive a FREE  1 of 1 Digital Piece of Art!

The Starseeds is a story about a group of Intergalactic Time Travelers as they journey throughout time and space on a mission to awaken the “Little Blue Dot.” Stay tuned for more.

Requires a digital wallet to claim. Free with membership level support. See below.

Release Date: March 2023