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Thank you for your interest in backing Art Melanated!

We are extremely grateful for any amount you can afford.

By backing this project, you instantly become a part of it and are actively helping us create this important documentary!!

Make a tax deductible donation to the film.

Back it because you believe

in it.

Support this project for no reward, just because it speaks to you and you want to help it get made!

Tax deductible donations will be process through our 501c3 fiscal sponsor From the Heart Productions. From the Heart Productions will send your a receipt for your tax deductible donation to our film.

We appricate your for your donation in any amount!


If you are interested RUBY LEVEL MEMBERSHIP, we offer a tax deductible donation at that level. If you are interested in the tax deduction for RUBY LEVEL MEMBERSHIP, please select the YELLOW "DONATE" button, and make a donation for $1,111. If, you are not interested in the tax benefit, feel free to select the corresponding image above for Ruby Level Membership.


  • What else can I do to help?
    You can be a great help to this project by getting the word out! Tell your friends, share our posts, comment on our social media posts, etc. We're creating this project for the culture, so community support is an integral part of the projects success. If you have any other resources, talents, skills, expertise, access to venues, sponsors, museums contacts, ideas, time, etc...we'd love to explore building with you to work to take this project to its greatest potential. Thanks in advance!
  • How far along are you?
    We've been filming for just over a year and have a bit more to go. We just started editing the film, while continuing to shoot. We look to have a first draft of the film by the end of Q2 2023. Our goal is to submit to a top tier film festival in the all.
  • How committed is the team to the project?
    FULLY! For the past two years we have engulfed ourselves in the world of art, Black Art specifically. We pride ourselves on seeing our visions through to their fullest potential and we are more passionate about this project than any other we have created to date. We can not wait to tell you about our plans for after the documentary is released!
  • What are the risks and challenges?
    Like all projects, nothing is without risk and there can be unforeseen delays in film production. However, our team consists of experienced filmmakers who have the energy and relationships to make things happen, the ability to succeed, and the creativity to solve any kind of problem. We'll do everything we can to stay communicative & keep all backers informed on the fulfillment of Art Melanated.
  • How many total membership passes will there be?
    The Genesis Edition will have a total of 555 total membership passes? Member holder will have the most access to future benefits as we scale.
  • What is the difference between the different levels?
    Each card is uniquely numbered from 1-555. Physical cards will all look the same. As far as the digital versions are concerned, beyond the color of the cards, the difference is in the rarity. While each card will offer tons of benefits, we imagine the more rare color cards will have increased utility over the long term. Please see the Membership page for a breakdown.
  • What are some other benefits planned for members?
    We have a ton of exciting benefits planned including exclusive member events, access to art, digital drops, film screenings and so much more! We plan to under promise and over deliver.
  • Can I purchase more than one membership pass?
    Yes! Gift them to your loved ones. Let's build this community together!
  • How can I help support the documentary? Can I make a tax deductible donation?
    Your support for this documentary is everything, and we thank you in advance for sharing it with your friends, on your platforms and by becoming active members of this community. The end of the year is approaching, and guess what?! You can make tax deductible donations to support the production of the film! We have partnered with From the Heart Productions as our 501c3 fiscal sponsor and can receive tax deductible contributions! Donations made over $1000 receive FREE GOLD MEMBERSHIP! For those interested in making tax deductible contributions to support the creation of the documentary, please connect with us via our CONTACT form.
  • How do I claim the free digital version? Is it optional?
    In order to receive the free NFT version of your membership pass, you will need a digital MetaMask wallet. If you're unfamiliar, MetaMask is essentially an app that works on your mobile device or desktop. It is where your membership pass and other digital assets will be stored. Once you're set's easy. Here is a video on how to set up a MetaMask wallet. CLAIMING THE CORRESPONDING DIGITAL VERSION OF THE CARD IS HIGHLY SUGGESTED, BUT NOT REQUIRED. PLEASE NOTE, there will be future benefits that will only be available with the digital version.
  • What blockchain will the digital membership pass live on?
    The Art | Melanated DIGITAL Membership Pass will be stored on the Ethereum network. You'll be able to you claim your digital card later this year! Notifications will be sent out.
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