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Jennia Fredrique Aponte

Jennia Fredrique Aponte

Jennia Fredrique Aponte

Everyone of my paper mosaics tells a story.  Each intricate collage is an amalgamation of personal moments, vivid dreams and a constant search for the truth about myself and the world I live in. Filled with secrets and mystical elements, my canvases reveal where I've come from, what l’ve learned, and where I’m going. 

From Mother Mary to ancient tarot to Lakshmi my work spans centuries and pays homage to Melanated people all over the globe. 

As a former dancer I wanted to make art that felt fluid and multi dimensional. I am certain that standing in front my work over a period of will cause one to see and feel something completely different than viewing the work at first glance. 

I began my paper mosaics journey as a young girl and throughout my world travels, I’ve collected paper. As a story teller, each piece I create reveals the truth of my world as I experience it. 

As a visual artist, my goal is not only to to provoke deep thought but to allow the viewer to explore the depths of their own world.


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