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B Robert Moore

B Robert Moore

Jennia Fredrique Aponte

Multidisciplinary self-taught artist started painting in 2018-19 to counter drug addiction and alcoholism. As a tool to counter mental health issues and life trauma, Moore paints figurative works amongst other contemporary works that all are inner connected through Moore’s identity and experience as a Black man in America. Growing up in Iowa, a predominantly White-conservative state has inspired Moore to uplift narratives and images of people from his community and abroad who identify through similar life identity and experiences. Storytelling is the backbone of Moore’s work, as the composition of the visual only aides the hours of research and layered symbolism throughout each individual work.

Using found and upcycled materials that have a story in their own and connection to the work prior to composition, more deconstructs his work in materials and rebuilds the work to compose a cohesive story rooted in Black American experiences and the history of African diaspora and African roots. His focus is to connect the Black experiences intercontinentally.

Moore has crafted a stable independent art practice with notable achievements in a short period of time throughout domestic (US) and abroad (Internationally) art markets both in private & public collections; most are detailed below.

Moore’s work can be found internationally from green collections to established recognized private collections. Robert continues to develop the mastery of his craft without restriction of rules or style, or brand. He is constantly evolving as a very early career emerging artist who already can be found inpublic and private collections internationally.


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